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NOTE: Due to a change in security parameters for websites, my website is not up to date with security protection. It is related to google and seems to be another racket to squeeze more money from our pockets. If you would like to order any of my products please contact me directly. It is an old fashioned way which I prefer since you can speak to me directly and get the personal touch.

These are exclusive herbal formulas.They will effectively assist the body in restoring and maintaining health.

These Proprietary formulas consist of 100% botanicals, along with gelatin capsules. I only use herbs from the USA and Europe. Organic and Wildcrafted.

The finest herbal products ever offered!

Contact info: naqualski@verizon.net

Hello Michael,
I just want to say I thank God for you. My days have been so much better since I received my
order from you…Read More Testimonials

Ask us about our Apricot Kernel Oil.

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Dragon Juice

The REVITALIZER! The Source of Power. Tastes great too. More Info »
Price: Varies
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A. Infection Killer

Excellent for fighting off any infection. naturally strengthens the immune system [...] More Info »
Price: $47.00
by michaelps

B. Rapid Heal

Specializes in assisting the body with fast and thorough mending. For ALL injuries! [...] More Info »
Price: $36.00
by michaelps

C. System Toner

The rejuvenator. cleanses toxins and restores all glands and organs to normal functioning. also strengthens the bone structure and nervous system. [...] More Info »
Price: $31.00
by michaelps

D. Dragon Juice

The Revitalizer! The ultimate source of power via vital nutrients which permeates into the body's system instantly. No digestion required! Supplies the necessary nutrients to revive the body fast. A perfect all natural formula containing every mineral, vitamin, whole complex sugars, phytonutrients, enzymes and all 22 amino acids in a very delicious drink. It restores More Info »
Price: $21.00
by michaelps

E. Lung Formula

Perfect for all lung afflictions.(asthma, bronchitis, chronic coughs etc.) [...] More Info »
Price: $36.00
by michaelps

F. Arthritis Fix

Excellent in all arthritic conditions. neutralizes acid condition in joints. [...] More Info »
Price: $36.00
by michaelps

G. Cancer Blaster

Extremely effective in restoring the blood by removing impurities, dissolving abnormal growths. (promotes healthy skin, glands and organs). [...] More Info »
Price: $36.00
by michaelps

H. Beautiful Hair

Promotes a thick, lush healthy head of hair. just fantastic for hair (and nails). [...] More Info »
Price: $36.00
by michaelps

I. Hair Kit

Gentle vegetable based shampoo + ultimate herbal rinse + conditioner. [...] More Info »
Price: $20.00
by michaelps

J. Its Mint - Herbal Tea

Another excellent tonic, loaded with nutrients and tastes good. [...] More Info »
Price: $4.00
by michaelps

K. My 'Green' - Herbal Tea

Super healthy, pleasant tasting. Makes the body feel very good. [...] More Info »
Price: $4.00
by michaelps

N. Psyllium Seed Husk Powder

The bran of the Psylla plant. The finest sludge remover known. [...] More Info »
Price: $17.00
by michaelps

O. Wheat Germ Oil

Excellent source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. USA product. [...] More Info »
Price: $16.00
by michaelps

P. Eye Formula

Excellent for strengthening the eyes. [...] More Info »
Price: $36.00
by michaelps

Q. Super Seed Mix

Equal blend of organic Sunflower, Pumpkin and Hemp seed low temperature ground. Densely tamped into mylar pouches and thermally sealed.  Keeps it perfectly fresh and uncontaminated. Provides the finest nutrition.  High quality proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.Two quart size pouches/order!
Price: $26.00
by michaelps

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Why are my formulas proprietary?

My main clientele are those that are suffering and just want to get well. They really do not care how it is done, so long as it does not make them worse off or cost more than they can afford.

For example, a lady (newport beach, california) was facing amputation, from the knee-down, in 2 weeks because of a motorcycle accident which required ankle reconstruction.

For a year, there was a constant infection and the injured areas would not heal. The doctors failed to save her leg and told her amputation was all they could do.

During consultation I explained how I am able to save her leg, in a purely natural manner, and that there was no time to waste, of course.

She did not really care exactly how I do it. All that mattered for her is saving her leg. After the consultation she and her husband had confidence in me.

I over-nighted my formulas and after the 2 weeks transpired, her leg was restored to health and the operation was canceled.

At that point they knew they experienced a ‘miracle’ since what I achieved was considered impossible by all the ‘experts’.

How much was that worth? Thousands of dollars right? They just paid about $200 for my formulas. Of course they were amazed and wanted to meet me.

This is just one of many cases where I step in with my formulas and restore people with a very minimal charge.

My formulas are obviously worth much more than I am charging.

I am not interested in just commercially peddling my formulas like everyone else.

If someone wants or needs my special services I make myself available to them.

The various testimonials posted here prove beyond any doubts what my formulas are able to achieve.

Most of the people that want to know what is in my formulas also eat out at many places without ever really knowing what they are eating or drinking. In order to actually know what you are eating or drinking you must see the raw ingredients, where they come from and how they are prepared before they are served. Otherwise you never really know what exactly you are eating, right? You have to give a lot of trust, right?

I do not eat out anywhere. I am the most demanding of anyone about what goes into my body. I place those same demands of impeccable quality in my formulas since I live on them. I never need my infection killer since I never get sick.
I primarily live on my System Toner, Dragon Juice, Rapid Heal, and Herbal Teas.

Trust has to be earned, you can not just arbitrarily give it. That is not wise. I understand this better than most.

Over many years, my formulas have earned the respect from hundreds of people and my track record of excellent results is 99.99%. So why not 100%? The reason is this, though I understand how to ‘cure’ any form of disease through the Power of Mother Nature I may not be able to ‘cure’ everybody. So, 99.99% is an excellent track record.

All of my Formulas are prepared by me, from the milling, formula preparation to the bottling. I am the only person to touch and handle all of the ingredients so I know that everything is always perfect.

All of my herbs come from the USA or sometimes Europe. Mostly organic and wildcrafted. Sometimes it really does not matter since many herbs are not bothered by pests and grow in diverse conditions. There is no reason to spray most of them. They are amazing plants.

Though I believe it is a scam with the ‘organic’ labeling and higher costs for these special plants I will still purchase them as such just to do my best to ensure that my formulas are of the highest quality obtainable.

My technical background is Environmental Science. However, all of my knowledge pertaining to the secrets of Mother Nature and health however did not come from formal school education. Such knowledge is not accessible through ordinary sources. My knowledge of these ‘Arts’ came about from a totally different source of knowledge.

My formulas have consistently proven themselves to be superior to any other similar products.

** All of my honey for my Dragon Juice comes from the Northeast and is the highest quality. The bees are situated in remote areas.

No Caffeine is used in any of my products. Strictly herbal.

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