C. System Toner

The rejuvenator. Influences every body component. Sharpens Mental faculties.
Cleanses toxins and restores all glands and organs to normal peak functioning. Also strengthens the bone structure and nervous system. Keeps Blood System clean and healthy corrects everything.  (Use for diabetes, thyroid, blood quality/pressure/circulation, soft bones, kidneys, liver, bladder, prostate, radiation exposure, etc. Рuse as a UTILITY formula) natural food source of essential nutrients all in botanical form. Does what mineral and vitamin supplements are suppose to do and much more!

The Ultimate Disease Preventive Medicine in FOOD FORM!

100 capsules/bottle.

Due to its power of stimulating, through excellent nutrition, the metabolic processes governing all of the bodies components, all components are restored to peak performance = a sharp focused mind.
Thus, rejuvenation occurs. Since metabolic activity is increased new Prime cell activity will improve too.

This is what makes System Toner such a great disease preventative.

However, when Prime Cells need to be triggered in an accelerated level, for serious injuries, my Rapid Heal is the formula to be used.

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