D. Dragon Juice

The Revitalizer! The ultimate source of power via vital nutrients which permeates into the body’s system instantly. No digestion required!
Supplies the necessary nutrients to revive the body fast. A perfect all natural formula containing every mineral, vitamin, whole complex sugars, phytonutrients, enzymes and all 22 amino acids in a very delicious drink.
It restores so much vitality that bed ridden seniors are up and walking around fast.
Pro athletes, myself included, use it to stay tip-top, razor sharp and ready for anything when it comes to hard manual work or playing sports.
I have used it to save puppies dying from parvo (deadly virus) with my Infection Killer. This is considered impossible by the ‘experts’.
Also, an older cat that had a stroke, lost its hind legs and was dying on the spot as I came across it. Within minutes it recovered enough vitality to stay alive. Then, with daily doses of DJ and my Rapid Heal the cat recovered 100%. It recovered full use of its hind legs. This is considered impossible by the ‘experts’.

Price: $19 ships as a concentrate and makes 1 gallon of juice.

Price: $21.00