Dragon Juice

The REVITALIZER! The Source of Power. Tastes great too.

Supplies the fuel necessary to revive the body fast. a perfect formula naturally containing every mineral and
vitamin, whole complex sugars, phyto-chemicals, enzymes and all 22 aminos.
My Dragon Juice is an exclusive proprietary blend of premium honey (local NY), fruit derivatives and herbs. It is the most perfect food on the planet. It never goes bad (only refrigerate it once you make it – i ship it as a concentrate that makes 1 gallon) and it supplies every single nutrient in exact proportions and exact chemistry that the body is looking for. The only nutrient it doesn’t have is the fats. It tastes like candy and you can drink as much as you like. A minimum would be 8 oz / day. If someone needs restoration of strength then drink more and it will deliver.
Shipped in 1 gallon concentrate.
Price: $16 / Gallon
Due to variations in shipping cost, please contact us to make payment:
Contact us: naqualski@verizon.net