B. Rapid Heal

Specializes in assisting the body with fast and thorough mending. For ALL injuries.

PREVENTS the NEED FOR SURGERY! Saved many people from needing that!

This is the ULTIMATE *’STEM CELL’ GENERATOR for the body!!!

Strengthens bones and all tissue by renewing it FAST!

(sprains, broken and fractured bones, backache, pinched nerve, torn tissue, burns, all injuries!)

100 capsules/bottle.

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* What are Stem Cells?

The proper concept is what I call PRIME CELLS. The amazing power of Mother Nature enables our bodies to renew itself by creating new cells for all of the bodies components: organs, glands, bone structure, blood system, nervous system and connective tissue.

The new cells are Prime cells which become designated or assigned to the various components where they are needed the most. That is determined by the bodies inherent Intelligence – a manifestation of Mother Nature which modern medical alternatives ignore.

My Rapid Heal excels at pumping out Prime Cells!

It is in this sense a rejuvenator which is different from my System Toners rejuvenator ability.

Price: $36.00
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