J. Its Mint – Herbal Tea

Another excellent tonic in tea form. Loaded with nutrients and tastes very good. I designed this formula to very quickly strengthen a very weak, upset and sick stomach. Worse case scenario; Someone gets food poisoning, they need my Infection Killer but can not keep it down due to the very sick stomach. Drinking my It’s Mint herbal tea, a cup size, very warm-slightly hot will strengthen the stomach within 5-10 minutes and then the Infection Killer can be taken and digested. Just starting with one capsule at first with more of the tea, Within 30 minutes another 4-6 capsules of Infection Killer can be taken and the infection from food poisoning will almost be gone. The recovery will be at least 70! by that time!

Ships in bulk tea bag. Each bag makes 1/2 gallon of tea.

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Price: $4.00
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